All channeled material on this page originated from the channeling of Louis Hickman. As such, it is the property of her descendants and all rights belong to them.

Channeling, or the process of allowing disincarnate entities to use one's voice and body, is often frowned upon in our society. While it can be deceiving, it also is upheld as a true phenomena from many sources, including the Bible. Below are some samples of channeled material:


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The audio quality of the above recordings is not very good, but, by listening close, you can hear what was said through Louise Hickman, the channeler. By living through messages such as these, I learned that what was channelled had to be taken with the knowledge that prophecy was always given as the best they (in spirit) could see from their vantage point, but it was not absolute. We have free will and we can choose what our future will be. (More on that in my talks on prophecy.)


If you wish to discover more information from the same source as the above channels, (a group called Omega), below you may download transcripts of several years of messages. Just right click and "Save as".

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