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        Google the keyword "health" and you will find over 9.5 billion results. Google "spiritual health" (be sure to include the quotes!) and you will discover less than 5.5 million results. About one half of one tenth of a percent of the references to Health on the internet refer to Spiritual Health. And we wonder about why the world seems to be in the shape it is in!
        This site is my attempt to remedy the scarcity of information upon the health of our inner selves. Hopefully you will discover something on these pages which will bring you comfort, understanding, hope or will stimulate you to grow stronger in spirit.
        As you search these pages, your mind may rebel at some of the concepts and ideas. That is to be expected. It is not necessary for you to accept everything contained within this site. It is simply here for your enlightenment and to stimulate your thinking. Much of the information comes from my own studies and a lifetime of experiences within and sometimes a little beyond, the normal.

Who Am I?

The Early Years

        Wanting to experience life quickly, I was born two months premature weighing in at six pounds. Being an RH factor baby, a complete blood transfusion was needed, and, after a desperate search during an immobilizing blizzard, the only matching blood donor was the local town drunk. With all that new life infused into my body, my 'spirits' perked up and a quick decision was made not to join the ranks of the obese and overweight. So, determined as I was at the time, I stuck to a crash diet and lost one-third of my excess baby fat, reducing my total weight to just over four pounds.

The Later Years

        Many years later I found the previously lost one-third of my body weight. By this time it had accumulated interest (compounded daily) and it began to settle in, all around my body. Yet this did not bother me since I had advanced beyond the vain preoccupation with the bodily appearance, and was now immersed in spiritual concerns. I became a minister and received a Doctor of Ministry degree (abbreviated as D. Min) from a solid, mainstream denomination seminary. I entered the pastoral ministry and served churches in a variety of settings, from the small country church to the large urban congregation. It wasn't until I had served for twenty-five years that I actually spoke aloud the abbreviated degree I had received from the seminary, and realized, with irony, what I had said. (Try it -- just repeat to yourself several times quickly the abbreviated degree in bold found in this paragraph!) Realizing the true nature of my education, I returned to my beginnings and began all over again with the wisdom of years and fewer hormones within me. The small, rural church became my habitat and the true inner spirit became my guide and teacher.

The Journey

        It was during this time that the rest of my family were involved in an automobile accident, leaving my wife with a closed head injury, my oldest son with severe facial injuries, and my youngest son with a torn spinal cord. Taking the time to remain with them during my wife´s rehabilitation, my oldest son´s recovery and the subsequent years of operations for my now paraplegic youngest son, I was presented with more time for reflection and inner pondering.
        While reviewing notes from previous Bible studies of Revelation, I was struck by the unusual nature of those notes. Instead of being a book designed to scare the hell out of (or Heaven into!) a person, these notes depicted Revelation as being a message of great hope for anyone sincerely searching for the Christ Spirit. Seizing upon the idea to fit all of my disjointed notes into a coherent narrative, I accepted the responsibility of sitting down in the quiet of the church office and, starting with chapter one of this misunderstood Biblical book, simply writing, not knowing what was going to appear. My curiosity was greatly stimulated to discover the contents of each chapter as I wrote it. Not until the final words of that chapter were written, would that curiosity be satisfied.
        Finishing with this project, I had the majority of my first book, 
The Rainbow Promise handwritten on yellow sheets of legal pads, yet it would be years before the final version of the manuscript would see published form.

Information From Beyond

        Having completed the majority of the writing for this entirely new view of Revelation, I then became involved in a spiritual growth group that was, among other things, receiving spiritual lessons from various disincarnate spiritual entities. At first rejecting such information, I was pulled, pushed and not-so-gently led by my own inner voice to attend these meetings. It was during these sessions, sometimes with great spiritual teachers known only as "Horizon" or "Allah", sometimes with the spirit of Mother Mary, sometimes with the Christ Spirit, or sometimes with "Messengers of the Creator" that I came to realize that the manuscript I had written was channeled material. This information for The Rainbow Promise did not come from some other disincarnate entity, though: It came from my own Higher, or Inner Self.
        This revelation, along with the information that the I, in a previous lifetime, had traveled with the one we know as Jesus, rang true within me. I learned that the body in which my spirit dwelt at that time, travelling with Jesus, saw this young man go through the process of opening up completely to the Holy Spirit. It was not an easy process, and there were many concerns expressed by Jesus. In this previous incarnation I was told by Mother Mary that I served in the capacity as "the encourager of Jesus." It was from this incarnation that the process of human transformation from the physical into a Holy Being, incorporating both the flesh and spirit, was first seen. Having seen this process, I now understood why, to me, the book of Revelation is a psychological description of that process which Jesus experienced. Since at that time, they did not possess the words of psychology to explain what the process involved, the symbols within the visions visions served as their means of explanation.

The Secret of Revelation

        The Rainbow Promise is simply that: a promise given by God that we, also, are His sons and daughters just as was the man called Jesus. The promise can be known through a spiritual understanding of the Biblical Flood and the sign placed in the sky. It can also be expressed through the colors of our auras and charkas about which the ancients have known, but the western world has only recently rediscovered. In the Rainbow Promise the book of Revelation is seen as a spiritual guide for those going through the process of allowing the Christ Spirit to enter into their lives and to transform their body, mind and spirit into the next stage of human development.

The Next Stage

        This author, after editing this manuscript from my higher self, has now set his sights on new material: a series of books telling stories about the one known as Ye'shua (Jesus). Forthcoming in the Journey Beyond the Cross series, these historical fictional writings will combine known information about the life of Jesus with information gathered from the realms of past lives. An excerpt from the first book in this series, Ye'shua: The Advent can be found on this website.

      In addition, I am available to speak to groups on a variety of subjects. Contact me for more information.

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