Books written by William Evans:

       What is the Book of Revelation about, anyway? Who can understand such destruction and horrible things? Why does this book scare so many people?
       This misaligned and misunderstood final book of the Bible is, in actuality, a book of Promise and Hope. It tells us that we are much more than we ever imagined we could be, and that the Creator's Love for us transcends and transforms our fear.
       Learn how the ancient "New Age" belief of chakras, or energy vortexes touching the human body, play a major role in helping us transform into the Co-Creators we are destined to become.
       Discover why the Biblical story of the Flood is necessary to understand the book of Revelation. Be amazed at what the Bible says about how we were created!
       It's all here, in The Rainbow Promise. Available on Amazon

Journey Beyond the Cross

A series of books both written and planned which answers such question as:
How was Jesus able to know what he knew?
How did he perform the miracles?
Did he really die and resurrect?
Who was Mary Madelene and what was her relationship with Jesus?

     The Journey Beyond the Cross series of books answer these questions and many more, besides. The first book in this series of historical fiction, Ye'shua: The Advent, tells the story of the Essenes and how they prepared for the coming messiah. Intrigue, danger, romantic relationships, politics -- It's all here, and some of the information will surprize you! Books planned for the series will include:

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        Meditation on the Run is your answer! This short eBook will teach you to meditate whenever you have just a few seconds! It includes an exercise to help you get familiar with meditation as well as examples of how to meditate in the middle of your busy lifestyle. All for only $2.99! To purchase, visit Meditation on the Run: A Guide for Busy People.

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