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Channeling, or the process of allowing disincarnate entities to use one's voice and body, is often frowned upon in our society. While it can be deceiving, it also is upheld as a true phenomena from many sources, including the Bible.

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One of the important items I learned while listening to and living through the channelled messages was that prophecy was always given as the best they (in spirit) could see from their vantage point, but it was not absolute. We have free will and we can choose what our future will be —even to change the prophecy! One example is shown below in a future map which the Hopi Indians described. This map appeared in our discussions about the future time of chaos which was to come very "soon" in the words of the spirits doing the predictions of the future. (Whatever "soon" meant to spirit which does not have a good grasp of time as we see it!). Is the map an accurate prophecy? Maybe, maybe not. We may have changed the outcome of the physical earth changes, or we may have only delayed them. Time will tell…

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