(The original tape of this session has been lost, so this is a recollection of what occurred. The words spoken may not be exact, but the general meaning will be accurate.)

This is a record of my first encounter with a past life… actually, this and the story entitled "Come, Fly With Me" were done at the same session, so I guess you could say they are tied for my first encounter.

The girl who was the client at this time, came with her friend and wanted to experience a past life regression. They were both fascinated with the idea of hypnosis and were game to try something new. That and the wine they drank before visiting me I'm sure helped them to open up to a past life encounter!

After placing the subject into a trance, I simply suggested to her that she find herself in a time and place which was important to her life now. As she began to experience her vision, she discovered that she was a young male in this past incarnation. She was barefoot and wore ragged clothes. I asked her for the year, but she did not know what year it was. When I asked her for her name, she replied, "Boy. That's what they call me. 'Boy, come here. Boy do this.' " I got the impression that children were not appreciated except as work objects in this time! We established that this was evidently during the Middle ages, and she lived in a rural area.

People did not have much mobility in this time and age because she began to describe his first trip to "town:"

"My Father took me to town. It was the first time I was old enough to go with him. We had to walk about a day before we could reach the town. Everything was so new! My father told me to "close your mouth, boy. Do you want them to think it is your first time in the city?"

"There was one long street with houses on rather side, and a couple of roads running across that street. I spent a lot of time looking at a thing with round wheels. Father said it was a cart, and it was used to carry things. I had never seen anything with wheels before!

"One of the buildings on the corner was built out of stone and it had this greenish, clear stuff in the window. I could see through it, and it had green bubbles in it. It was fascinating! You could see right through the window!
"There were other kids there about my age, and they laughed at me."
These stories which originated under trance did not sound exciting as a past life, but their very ordinariness validates this as a true past life experience. We all know that there were more ordinary people than important historical individuals, so someone had to make up all the ordinary people! In addition, the intense fascination with the glass in the window indicated that this was a true recollection, because no one today would think to be fascinated with something as ordinary and common place as glass. Yet, if it was the first time someone saw glass, then you could understand the fascination with it. It was if we were shown transparent aluminum today. (Google transparent aluminum -- you might be surprised!) These tiny, yet significant details in the story under trance, began to bring questions to my mind whether or not past lives are real. If they were, then it would mean reincarnation was real. And from there, my world could be turned upside down! This is the session which began my search for a deeper truth than I had been taught up to that time.

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