In the Time of Druids

This story begins long before I learned to perform hypnotherapy.

When my wife and I were first married, we occasionally would go to the movies. (Now we rarely go because we can't find anything interesting to go to!) Anyway, this time we went to a fantasy genre movie set in Medieval times. There was a dragon, a maiden in distress about to be eaten by the dragon, and a young boy who rescued the maiden. Nothing special in the plot, but it did have good special effects without being too gory.

The night after the movie I had a vivid dream. I remember it because I so rarely "see" things in my dreams with such clarity as this. In this dream I had a vision of night time in a forest, but there was a bright light from somewhere shining on the people there. The people I saw were on their knees, begging, crying, and wailing. I remember looking at them, and slowly moving my vision to the right, scanning all of the people who were looking to the right. As I turned my sight to the side of me, I saw several individuals wearing hooded robes of white (No, it was not the KKK!) I recognized the hooded individuals as Druids. What impressed me was the intensity of emotion, of pleading and of sorrow in the people in this dream. I awoke, and, not knowing about the Druids thought that they were pleading for someone's life, maybe the life of a loved one who was about to be sacrificed.

I told my wife about the dream, and stuffed it in the back of my mind as an unexplained experience which I did not understand.

Now, fast forward about 25 years in the future. I have learned hypnotherapy and, at the request of a girl, whom I will call Donna, I am about to place her into a trance for a past life regression. Donna is a friend whom I know is pschic and she simply accepts such phenomena as reincarnation and past lives.

Donna enters into a past life and describes where she is and what is happening. (This past life is described in the story "Drop-Dead Gorgeous") After describing this past life, I suggest that she go to another time and place where she can learn more about her present life. She then begins to describe the following:

"I'm in a time before Christ. I am in England. It is the time of Druids. It is night time and we have gathered around a large pool of water. We use the water to see into the future. As we look into the water we being to see the future which is today's time. (the present). We see what is happening to the earth, and we are upset. It is horrifying how the earth is being treated!"

-- A Note about Druids. Since the time of my original dream, I had investigated the true story of the Druids, and discovered that their religion had nothing to do with sacrifice, human or animal. The Druids were a peaceful people who were intensely concerned with Nature and living in balance and harmony with the world.

Donna continues to describe the scene around her, and my mind is thinking, "Gee, this sounds so much like my dream of years ago!" Of course Donna has much more detail about her past life than I had about my dream, and she describes the ceremony where each of those present vowed to return to the earth in the present time in order to help the earth. She described the items she was given as symbols of what strengths she would have when she returned. Then she says something which shakes me to the core:

"And you're there, too Bill! You are part of this group!"

She also mentions another mutual acquaintance of ours as being there. and then goes on to describe what each of the symbols she was given mean to her today.

My mind, though, was still back at when she said I was there in her past life. I began to realize that my "dream" was actually a remembrance of a critical past life which influenced my being incarnate at this present time. One of the reasons I am here is to take care of the earth. No wonder I like to have a garden and consider myself to be one of those "tree-hugging" liberals. Yes, I cut down some trees for firewood, but I also attempt to replant whatever I cut down.

This unrequested remark by someone experiencing a past life regression emphasized my own past life experience when we knew each other long ago!

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