Come, Fly With Me

This session, and the session entitled "Boy" were given at the same time as I had two clients who each asked for past life regressions. I was just starting my journey into using hypnotherapy and this was all new to me, as well as to the clients.

The client, a young woman, was unknown to me before that time, and thus I had no preconceived ideas of what her life was like. So, after putting her into a trance, I told her to go back in time to a life which had some bearing on who she is today.

After reading trance state, and seemingly gone to a previous life, I asked her to describe what was around her.

"It's all sorta cloudy. I'm in the clouds like I'm floating."

I didn't understand this, and thought maybe she had not yet arrived to her previous life. So I requested more information.. She replied,
"I'm flying with the birds!"

Now I was completely baffled! Flying with the birds? This couldn't be a past life, so I suggested she go back further to a time that was important to her.
She then began to describe herself as small girl, climbing the side of the mountain.

"I'm climbing up the mountain. And they are calling to me!"

I asked her who was calling to her.

"The birds. The birds are calling to me."

I asked her what were they saying.

"Come fly with me, come fly with me!"

Mmmmm. this phrase was like the previous description of flying in the clouds. I was curious as to how they were connected together. So I requested that she describe what is happening.

"I hear them calling, and I want to fly with them, so I jump off the cliff!

-- Uh Oh. This didn't sound good. I then asked her what happened next?

"I fell down. I'm at the bottom of the cliff. I'm not moving. Mommy's gonna be mad at me!"

Here she was evidently out of her body, looking down upon her dead body, not realizing that she has died. She began to describe being scared about what her mother would do. I realized that we were now in a time of trauma, and I did not want to just leave this situation. So I had her back up and describe again what happened as she was on the cliff, but from the point of view as an onlooker, not the little girl. Again the story was the same, with a description of jumping off and falling a long distance to the ground.

I was new to this whole procedure and was not sure why to do, but I knew I couldn't just leave her there. We needed to reframe the moment of death so she wouldn't be left with the trauma. So I had her go over the scene again, knowing that the more times one goes over a traumatic experience, and the further one backs away from such an event, the less emotional baggage the individual will carry with them in their life. So this time I asked her, "What can you do to ease the pain of this experience?"

Once more she described the jumping off the cliff, but this time, she called upon the birds to gently lower her to the ground. In this manner, she let go of a lot of the trauma and fear of disappointing her mother, and then she continued in a carefree manner to fly with the birds through the clouds.

As I mentioned, this was my first experience with such a trauma in a past life experience, and I figured this was the best I could do to help -- Remember, this was supposed to be hypnoTHERAPY, not just hypnosis!

After the girl returned from her trance, she told me that she had always had an irrational fear of heights, and now she understood why! I just hope that this session helped her to overcome that fear!

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