Maria - The Little Girl Who "Can't"

In my first experience with spirit releasement, I had a client who came with a friend of mine. This client, a lady in her 50's, came at the urging of our mutual friend to be treated for the problem of low self esteem. In our pre-trance interview, she kept saying that she knew she was capable of doing many things, but somehow or another, she always had the feeling that she "just can't do anything".

So after the interview, I put her in a trance and then proceeded to give her a pep-talk, telling her and convincing her sub-conscious that she was extremely capable and she could do anything she put her mind to. The trance session lasted about 35 minutes, and I was giving her many post-hypnotic suggestions to aid her in the months ahead. As I was bringing her out of the trance, telling her how good and powerful she was, I noticed that she had a frown on her face, and her eyes were deeply furrowed.

When she was completely out of the trance and we were talking, I asked her about the frown. It seemed odd to me that someone who had just received a pep-talk about their capabilities should have had a smile not a frown. She told me that as she was coming out of the trance, she noticed this very dark area and she didn't know what it was and that she was trying to see it more clearly. She was not frowning, but rather, she was overcome with curiosity and wonder, trying to comprehend the darkness.

After telling me this, she excused herself to go down the hall to the restroom. While she was gone I mentioned to my friend, who had stayed in the room during the session, that I felt that the dark area was indicative of an attached spirit. My friend, who was psychic, looked at me and exclaimed, "You're right! I can intuit that she does!" So we quickly decided to offer another session to the client/friend without charge in order to tackle this new development. Rather than frighten the lady, we decided not to tell her the true reason for desiring another session, except that it had to do with her frown. I asked both of them to return, for I thought my friend, the psychic, would be able to converse with the spirit.

Thus, a week later the three of us met once again in my office. I explained to both of them that I believed the darkness was an attached spirit, and that we would attempt to remove it if it was agreeable. Of course it was agreeable, and I then told them that I planned to put them both into a trance and to allow the spirit to talk through the voice of the psychic.

Both were hypnotized at the same time, and, being my first experience, I requested the assistance of Archangel Michael, and all his legions of angels to protect and assist in working with this attached Spirit.

After giving permission to the spirit to use the voice of the girl who was psychic, and instructing that spirit that she was not to harm her while speaking through her voice, I began to inquire about the spirit itself.

The spirit's name was Maria, and she was a young girl, maybe about 7 or 8 years old. She had died while being raped by an older man, and she had wandered around in the spirit realm. She told us that she saw this woman who was also in trouble and that she came to help her. I did not know until it was confirmed after the session that this client had also been raped when she was a young girl.

Maria had attempted to help this client, but when she did she became trapped within the energy field of this woman. Maria kept repeating, "I can't get out! I can't get out!"

I asked Maria if she knew anyone who loved her and she replied, "My mother."
Then I told Maria to look up and tell me who she might see.

It was then that we heard a cry from Maria, "Mama!" With that cry, the spirit of Maria was not heard from again as she rushed toward her mother.

With that, I thanked the angels for their assistance, even though I was a little embarrassed at requesting their help for such a simple spirit, and brought both the client and our mutual friend out of the trance.

The client did not really know what to think of the experience, but we reassured her that it was okay. It was then that she told us of having been raped when she was a young girl. At that time, during the trauma and the lowering of her natural spiritual defenses, Maria must have entered and gotten caught in her energy field. Because it is not normal to realize that another spirit might be present within the energy which we call ourselves, this lady kept hearing Maria say "I can't get out!" and believed the feeling of "I can't" came from her own self, and not from another spirit. So, for most of her life, this lady had endured low self esteem because of the energy from a scared, frustrated little girl spirit.

In addition, my friend, the psychic, told me that earlier that morning in her prayers she had requested of God to see an angel. And when I called upon archangel Michael she told me that she could see him, right there in my office. He was "tall, reaching to the ceiling and beyond, and he had wings, and… just like angels are supposed to look like!"

So, one lady got rid of the scared little spirit saying "I can't", another received an answer to her prayer to see an angel, and I had my first experience with releasing an attached spirit. Not bad for about an hour's worth of time!

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