Ye'shua: The Advent

      Judith Besehizer was a teacher in the Jewish cult of the Essenes during the years when Herod was king of the Jews. The Essenes possessed ancient knowledge which they kept hidden from others ouside their beliefs. Longing for the Messiah and realizing that their prophecies spoke of his emminent coming, Judith convinced the Essenes to organize a school for young girls, teaching them how to be the mother of the Messiah. She endured personal tragedy, political espionage, and years of frustration in order to realize her dream. Follow along with her through the times of despair, joy and danger. Learn of the true relationships among the personages of the Bible.
        Avaliable as both a printed book and an eBook for Kindle. Click here to purchase. Ye'shua: The Advent is the first book in the Journey Beyond the Cross series which tell the true life story of Ye'shua ben Joseph, the one known as Jesus. Below is an except from Chapter One:

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"Angel of the Evening, watch over me as my spirit ascends unto you. Allow the stars to be my cover, and the moon's light to be my path." Judith prayed the words to the evening Angel and then, in her thoughts, added: "Bring peace to the minds of the Elders as they listen and choose their path for the future."

She then arose from her small house, kissed her two sons, Romulous and Josephus as they slept in the cool of the evening, and began to walk in the moonlight to the temple hall of the Mt. Carmel community. Centuries ago, this had been a school of prophets established by Isaiah. The school was still here, but it was now recognized as a center of learning for all seekers of truth. Many individuals from all parts of the world had come there and studied. Some, like Justin, came and stayed, while others would remain for a few years and then return to the land of their birth, enriched from their experience with the Essenes.

Tonight, it was upon the well-worn path to the temple that Judith, deep in thought, allowed her feet to travel without conscious guidance. As her thoughts circled around the subject of the meeting, she heard a voice behind her. "Does this Nazarene teacher of the prophecies walk in the dark or is there some inner light which guides her?"

It was Zahmare, a master of the Law within both the Nazarene and the Qumran or Ossaean branches of the Essenes and one of the Elders who had found it difficult to accept Judith. He was carrying a small lamp and the light from the lamp had gone unnoticed by Judith as she was lost in thought.

"Oh, good evening, Zahmare," responded Judith. "No, I have walked this path so many times in my life that I know every pebble and every twist of its length. But the light of your lamp is welcomed, never-the-less."

"Yes, I do not believe your prophecies yet have the unfailing reputation as do those of Manahem! It would seem prudent to keep the light shining to illuminate the unexpected obstacle in the familiar pathways!"

His subtle jab at Judith did not go unnoticed, but she had long ago ceased from verbal sparing with those who were unable to accept her gifts. So she simply smiled, although Zahmare may not have noticed the smile in the dark, and changed the subject to encompass Zahmare instead of herself: "You could be right, Zahmare. Tell me, how is your son, Sudanethi? Is he advancing in his studies of meditation?"

Zahmare let out a guttural noise as he replied, "Suddi seems to be doing exceptionally well at his meditations, even though he does not seem to enjoy the physical activities of children his age. But that is as it may be. He seems determined, even at this young age of five, to be a Master before he is twenty!" There was pride in Zahmare's voice as he spoke of his son. Sudanethi was a frail child and did not enjoy the physical exercise as did Judith's own two sons, and there was a seriousness about his practice and early studies of the Essene traditions. Zahmare, being a Master and teacher of the law as understood by the Osseran Essenes, spent much time in his own studies and reading and believed his son should do the same.

"It is good, then, that he chooses to follow in the footsteps of so talented a Master as you," Judith diplomatically responded.

Zahmare nodded to Judith in recognition of her compliment, and then realized that she probably did not see his actions because of the darkness.

"Thank you, Judith for your kind words." Then, before Judith could respond, he added, "I hope tonight´s meeting will be more than a simple repeat of the destruction you spoke of to the assembled community. I know that there are many, throughout the whole nation, who are mourning tonight because of the great destructive movement of the earth."

"Yes, the destruction and death throughout all of Israel is great because Herod refused to pass on the information. He made sure his property was protected, but he did not tell the people what was to come!"

"Now, Judith! Herod is only being cautious. Yes, he does have his bad points, but you have to admit, he also has some traits which are endearing him to our people."


"Why yes!" defended Zahmare. "He seems favorable to the Essenes, and has even built a gate into the city, and named it the Gate of the Essenes! And he has offered help to any people who need assistance and appeal to him."

Knowing better than to get into a political argument with Zahmare, Judith decided it was best not to say anything, but simply nodded in a non-committal manner. She looked at the "Essene Gate" as an insult since it entered into the slums of Jerusalem, and it was Herod´s way of discovering the loyalties of those who regularly use that entrance into the city. Luckily, at this time, their steps brought them to the entrance of the temple hall.

"Well, Zahmare, we are here for the meeting. I pray that we may be blessed by the Almighty in our discussions tonight."

"Yes, I agree with you, Judith Beseziher," remarked Zahmare as he entered and walked to the front of the room where the other Elders were assembled. Judith watched him go for a few seconds, and then she turned and found a place in the middle of the room knowing that she would be called to speak after the Elders had spoken.

"Judith, there is a weakness in your color!" A voice spoke from behind her and Judith recognized it immediately as belonging to Rachel, a recent recipient of her blue headband signifying her mastery of the bodily health and maintenance.

"Oh! Hello Rachel. To be truthful, I am tired but I didn't think it showed that much."

"There is a depression of the yellow and the blues around both your head and your shoulders, and a muddy mixture of colors near your solar plexus. You are nervous about tonight, aren´t you? And you have allowed yourself to worry!"

This last statement was just that: a statement instead of a question. Judith sighed slightly and confessed, "Yes, you are correct. I guess I can´t hide anything from your eyes!"

"My dear, even blind Rechpah would be able to see what you have done to yourself! If you will allow me, I can help straighten out some of your tangled energy and give you a boost for later when you must stand in front of the Elders and talk."

"Oh, please do, Rachel! I will need to be clear-headed and rational when I speak to them!"

"Then simply turn and face the front of the room while I work behind you. I can not promise you much, but at least you can be centered and grounded."

"Thank you, so very much," Judith replied with sincerity as she turned away from Rachel. Judith knew from having watched Rachel many times before that she placed her hands near the regions of Judith´s weakened aura and manipulated the energy to restore it. As she stood there, Judith closed her eyes for a few seconds and breathed deeply and slowly through her nostrils. She could literally feel the energy from Rachel´s hands as she worked.

It was not long before Rachel said, "There, that should help you tonight, but you will have to rest tomorrow if you wish to restore your normal balance."

"Thank you, Rachel, thank you so much! I can feel the energy flowing much better throughout my body!"

"Do not thank me. As you well know, it is our God who allows the energy to flow. It is simply up to us to keep balanced so that the flow is unhindered. And you needed to ... Oh! ... They´re ready to begin."

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