Journey Beyond the Cross

        - - The Series

The Story of Jesus of Nazarath as never told before - His background, his dreams, his accomplishments
      Presented in a series of books which describe the history, the political climate, the geography, the cultures, the people of that time and era.

Ye'shua: The Advent
Begining in 31BCE, this first installment closely examines the preparations for the coming Messiah. There were dangers, intrigue, romantic encounters, and political machinerations everywhere. Read of how one group of people, the Essenes, saw through the religious trappings of the time to actually prepare for the coming of the one called Ye'shua.

     Ye'shua: The Essene Years
From the birth of Ye'shua until his early teen years, learn about the work of the Essenes as they taught him their ways and culture. Learn of those around this special indiviual, and their lives. Discover some of the hidden information which the Essenes carried through history, and learn how they kept it hidden.

     Ye'shua: The Egyptian Years
In this volume, discover how young Ye'shua traveled to Egypt to add to what he had learned from the Essenes. Discover one of the hidden purposes of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and how initiates were taught by the Egyptian Priests. Also learn of the events in Ye'shua's life whih helped to shape the person he became.

     Ye'shua: The Travel Years
In the 'silent years' of the Bible, Jesus (Ye'shua) traveled to distant lands, learning from the Masters all that they could teach him. Discover where he went, what he experienced, and experience with him the growth in body, mind, spirit and experience.

     Ye'shua: The Ministry Years
Covers the years of the ministry in Israel and the surrounding area. Listen to some of the inner circle teachings of the Disciples, and learn how others perceived this man. Feel the intense emotions of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection!

     Ye'shua: The Apostles
In this book you will travel with the Apostles as they spread the gospel and as they encounter the Risen Lord. You will also learn of the Apostleship of Mary, and her adventures.

     Yeshua: Beyond the Apostles
How did the people of other cultures and nations understand or perceive this message promoted by the Apostles? How did the early Church treat this information and how did the original message change?

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